Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The weather on Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous so the kids and I headed outside for a ride in the wagon. The kids did great in the wagon. Kye would point out birds to Haygen. Then he would sing Patty Cake to her and die laughing when she would yell "Thow dem N Pan!" After the wagon ride I decided to let them play in the backyard for a little bit before Haygen went down for nap. Kye immediately went to play in the sandbox and Haygen went to kick the soccer ball in the grass. Now I would like to point out I turned my back for literally one minute to move a lawn chair. When I turned back around I noticed Haygen was nowhere to be seen. I called out "Haygen, where are you?" and out she comes from the side of the house. "I ere'', she calls back to me which I can barely understand because of the huge mouthful of something she is chewing on. I should mention that ever since Easter, there have been a couple of times where Kye would find a stray Easter Egg he hadn't found yet, open it up and eat it before we could do anything about it. (I know most parents actually go back and pick up the unfound Easter Eggs but who has time for that?)
Seeing that she had chocolate all over her mouth I yelled to her "Haygen spit that nasty chocolate out!" Which she did... right before she stepped on it. It was not until she was standing right in front of me that I noticed, what I thought was old Easter candy was not....yep you guessed it, Dog Poop!! My sweet little angel had eaten dog poop! So I did the first thing any absolutely grossed out person would do... I screamed "HAYGEN!!!! YUCKY!!!!!!" Which I didn't think sounded too harsh but apparently in one year old language it translates into, Mommy doesn't love you anymore and you're a complete failure, because she started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs while trying to climb up the chair onto my lap. This would be a good time to tell you that the stepped on "chocolate" she had spit out of her mouth had not only been stepped on but was now wedged in between her first and second toe. Not only was it wedged between her toes but now it was embedded in the lawn chair and all over my pants. Outside time was OVER!! In an attempt to calm her down, I placed her head on my chest not even thinking about the "chocolate" that was smeared all over her face (which was now all over my shirt). She finally calmed down and looked up at me with those sweet blue eyes and asked, "Sugars?"
Thankfully I got away with just a kiss on the cheek. Two baths, the biggest tooth brushing session you've ever seen, a couple loads of laundry...
Lesson learned... pick up your unfound Easter Eggs, toilet train your dogs, and never assume anything is just chocolate!


  1. Wow...that is disgusting! Poor little Haygen.

  2. OMG!!!! You handled that way better than I ever would. I would have freaked out and locked Miles out of the house until Dave got home...Hahahaha!!!! Glad sweet Haygen is all clean! Hopefully no more chocolate for her :)

  3. L'Ray..this sounds pretty terrible...but again you had me out loud!

  4. L'Ray... ohhhh noooo! I mean, you can't even make this stuff up! Great story!

  5. I miss your cute writings! Please come back friend...