Friday, September 3, 2010

Ok Ok

So for all of you who have asked, "Why did you stop blogging?" I'm sorry, I haven't stopped blogging, I've just been a little crazy. But I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. So here we go...
Things are going well for the Klafka family. We are finally out of my parents house. Rustin is back teaching school full-time and his photography business has taken off. And of course I am at home being the world's most awesome mom ever :) (If you know me well you know that last statement is total sarcasm) The kids are growing like weeds. I literally laugh every day at the things that come out of their mouth.
As I have said many times before, Haygen, is my little drama momma. She loves shoes, clothes, and sunglasses and is all about eating. She tells me (and everyone else) "I cue-te!" or " I pi-tty!". She loves to dance and sing. (She loves to sing her ABC's and counting to ten with brother) One of her new sayings is, "Did you hear dat puppy?" when the dog next door barks.

Kye is my big boy now. (and reminds me of it everyday) "MyMom, I'm a big boy!" He loves cars, and trains, and planes. He is artistic like his dad. He's my little sweetheart. "I sure do love you Mymom."
They are picking up everything we say. Which is not always a good thing! So as a reminder to myself to watch what you say, I'll end with my latest experience.

While riding in the car I hear Kye yell from the back seat, "Holy Moly, Crap!" I immediately look at my mom who was in the car with me and asked, "what did he just say!" to which Kye responds, "I said Holy, Moly, Crap! Mymom." Now the Holy Moly, I have no idea who says that, but the crap, I know exactly where he gets that.....ME! I was mortified! Of course my mom and I immediately begin telling him that crap is a bad word and he shouldn't say it, blah, blah, blah. Which I know the whole time he was thinking if it's so bad why does MyMom say it. But luckily he's too young to really argue on that level (Thank goodness!). So later that day while we were coloring I see Kye getting frustrated with his picture. Then I hear "Dad-Moly!". Again I look at my mom and say, "what did he just say?" and again Kye answers me and says, "MyMom, I said Dad-Moly!". After a couple of minutes and blank stares from my mom and me he finally explains "you know Dad-Moly like Dadburnit". We laughed til we almost cried and praised Kye for using nicer words than before. So as you can see he's got that creative side. And I am watching what I say!

Here he is saying Dad-Moly! and I sure do love you.

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