Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The weather on Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous so the kids and I headed outside for a ride in the wagon. The kids did great in the wagon. Kye would point out birds to Haygen. Then he would sing Patty Cake to her and die laughing when she would yell "Thow dem N Pan!" After the wagon ride I decided to let them play in the backyard for a little bit before Haygen went down for nap. Kye immediately went to play in the sandbox and Haygen went to kick the soccer ball in the grass. Now I would like to point out I turned my back for literally one minute to move a lawn chair. When I turned back around I noticed Haygen was nowhere to be seen. I called out "Haygen, where are you?" and out she comes from the side of the house. "I ere'', she calls back to me which I can barely understand because of the huge mouthful of something she is chewing on. I should mention that ever since Easter, there have been a couple of times where Kye would find a stray Easter Egg he hadn't found yet, open it up and eat it before we could do anything about it. (I know most parents actually go back and pick up the unfound Easter Eggs but who has time for that?)
Seeing that she had chocolate all over her mouth I yelled to her "Haygen spit that nasty chocolate out!" Which she did... right before she stepped on it. It was not until she was standing right in front of me that I noticed, what I thought was old Easter candy was not....yep you guessed it, Dog Poop!! My sweet little angel had eaten dog poop! So I did the first thing any absolutely grossed out person would do... I screamed "HAYGEN!!!! YUCKY!!!!!!" Which I didn't think sounded too harsh but apparently in one year old language it translates into, Mommy doesn't love you anymore and you're a complete failure, because she started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs while trying to climb up the chair onto my lap. This would be a good time to tell you that the stepped on "chocolate" she had spit out of her mouth had not only been stepped on but was now wedged in between her first and second toe. Not only was it wedged between her toes but now it was embedded in the lawn chair and all over my pants. Outside time was OVER!! In an attempt to calm her down, I placed her head on my chest not even thinking about the "chocolate" that was smeared all over her face (which was now all over my shirt). She finally calmed down and looked up at me with those sweet blue eyes and asked, "Sugars?"
Thankfully I got away with just a kiss on the cheek. Two baths, the biggest tooth brushing session you've ever seen, a couple loads of laundry...
Lesson learned... pick up your unfound Easter Eggs, toilet train your dogs, and never assume anything is just chocolate!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leggo My Eggo

Being the awesome mom that I am, I decided to make pancakes for the kids this morning. I should have known from the beginning it was a bad idea. But being that Kye never eats ANYTHING, I thought surely he would love "cake" with syrup on it.
As I was beating the batter I called to Kye who was watching old Disney cartoons in the livingroom. "Kye, do you want pancakes for breakfast?" I asked. "Pancakes? Yeah, I want Pancakes!" Then he began dancing around the kitchen singing about pancakes. Haygen joined in, following Kye around dancing and yelling about pancakes (even though she has no idea what pancakes are).
Thinking I was the best mom in the world I began putting the batter on the griddle. All of a sudden I realized, my sweet children were no longer singing but screaming at the top of their lungs, "PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES!" and were infuriated that the pancakes were not ready yet. I tried to reassure them that the pancakes would be ready in a couple of minutes. Screaming became crying and crying became an all out temper tantrum meltdown. Now I'm sure most of you have dealt with temper tantrums, as have I, but never had I dealt with two simultaneous, full blown out, inconsolable tantrums like these (and if I have, I've blocked it out of my memory).
My first thought was to put Haygen in the highchair and Kye at the bar so they would calm down knowing it was almost time to eat. With Kye attached to my leg still screaming and crying I picked up Haygen and walked over to her highchair. Just as I was about to get her in the chair I realized that Kye was not only screaming and crying while attached to my leg, but he was now pulling so hard he was pulling down my pants. (This would be a good time to mention that as all of this was happening my dad and two of his college aged guys that work for him, were standing outside, right in front of the kitchen window that all of this was taking place!) So, as I reached for my pants my sweet daughter decided that she had not been putting up a good enough fight for these pancakes and began to kick and scream with all of her might. The hand that was reaching for my pants quickly went back up to save me from dropping Haygen on the floor. Then, everything went into S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N, it was like the last thread in the rope broke. All at once, Kye and my pants fell to the ground, causing him to bump his head on the floor, I in an attempt to catch my pants and Kye, did this bend/squat move causing Haygen to bang her head on the highchair before we fell to the ground as well. Laying on the floor with both kids screaming while frantically trying to pull my pants up it hit me, "THE PANCAKES!!". (Seriously, you can't even make this stuff up!) I'm sure I don't even have to tell you what color that pancake was. (BLACK!) I turned to my kids who were no longer crying but intrigued by the black smoking pancake. "MyMom, you burn it?" Kye asked. "Yes baby, Mommy burned it." He then rushed over hugged my leg and said "Aww, that's ok MyMom, you make nother one."
After making sure no one outside had seen what had just happened, I sat Kye at the bar and Haygen in the highchair and began pancakes take 2. In no time at all the pancakes were ready. I placed them in front of the kids and poured myself a much needed glass of tea. While putting the tea back in the refridgerator I thought to myself, I am such a good mom for getting through all of that and still getting my kids the pancakes they so desparately wanted. As I began to turn back to the kids I noticed Haygen's plate was still sitting in front of her untouched. I looked up and saw Haygen, fast asleep in her highchair! I then looked over to Kye who pushed his plate away, started crying and said, " I DON'T WANT PANCAKES MYMOM, I WANT TEA!!!"

Needless to say, I have learned a very valuable lesson from all this...
from here on out, it's EGGO TOASTER WAFFLES!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning

Have you ever looked at a recent picture of yourself and cringed at the person you see. No longer are you the young, thin, teenager (or even twenty year old) you used to be. You immediately tell your husband "don't post any of those pictures on facebook or I'll hurt you!!" Then you make sure from then on you're the one behind the camera. For me that day came about two months ago. It was Haygen's first birthday and we had just got home from her party at Rustin's parents house. After walking in the door I couldn't wait to see the pictures Rustin had taken. I grabbed his camera, flipped it on and began looking through all the pictures. Then it happened...the moment!!
Now I will be the first person to tell you, I'm an emotional eater! I love to eat and more than that I LOVE to drink cokes! I'm an addict. Not a three or four cokes a day addict. A seven to eight cokes a day addict. (seriously I know, ADDICTED!) Add that with two pregnancies and I'm starting to realize why I'm having my "moment".
Last Monday I decided it was time for a new moment. The moment where I start taking control of body again. I started my super strict eating plan last week. I like the term eating plan better than diet. As soon as I utter the word diet my brain sends my stomach a hunger signal and I want to eat any and everything in site . So my "eating plan" in a nutshell consists of protein, fruits, and veggies. No sugar and No cokes!
So far it's been easy and I feel great! Ok that's a total lie. I hope the people who created this diet never ask me to sponsor them because I'm going to sing like a bird. I'm grouchy, tired, and to be honest I would cut off my right arm for a coke and something fried!
Ok, maybe it's not that bad. I just never realized how much of an idol I have made food. When I go run errands I want to go get a coke. When we get out of the house as a family, I want to go out to eat. It's like my life revolves around it, so you can imagine how hard this "eating plan" has been so far. It's not the fact that I'm eating less, it's the fact that I have to eat clean food (no fried, no oil, no butter, no sugar, basically all the good stuff). Don't get me wrong, I like the clean food but I'd be lying if I said I'd rather have it than Chick-fil-a everyday. I mean come on if I was eating clean to begin with I wouldn't be on this eating plan. (YUM chick-fil-a) (Oh! Sorry I was thinking about waffle fries) Back to the eating plan, the caffeine headaches are starting to get better and I have lost 4lbs which is awesome and motivation to keep it up. I'm excited to see the end results. So keep watching cause you never know when you might see an updated picture. Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Got It All Wrong

While talking to my mom tonight I realized how different my life has turned out than what I once thought. At the age of 20 I specifically told God, "I will not marry a minister!" (which I did)At the age of 16 I told my mom "I will never get a tattoo" (Fast forward 1 year to me with a Chinese symbol on my hip). At the age of 8 I knew for sure that my life's calling was to be a "famous" (that word was important) singer. (Still waiting on Nashville to call) At the age of 5 I told my grandmother I was going to marry Michael Jackson. (But he never returned my phone calls) But the thing that stands out the most is the story my mother told me tonight...

At the age of 2 I was riding in the car with my mother on the way to my grandmother's house. I looked over to my mother and very seriously said, "Momma, I don't want to go to Heaven."
"Why?" my mother asked sweetly. "I don't want to go to Heaven because I don't want to see Jesus." "L'Ray, why wouldn't you want to see Jesus?" To which I replied, "I don't want to see Jesus because he has a deard." (Now for all of you who do not speak 2 year old, deard translates to beard) My mother then tried to explain to me that we did not know what Jesus truly looked like and that pictures I might have seen were just what people thought He might look like. I stared out the window in deep thought for several minutes in silence. "Mom, it's ok I'll just go and talk to Mary instead."

I tell that story to say God must have some sense of humor and even though I hate beards to this very day, I love the man that is under it :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here We Go

These are my crazy kids. My son Kye will be turning 3 in May and my daughter Haygen (also known as, Miss Priss, or Drama Momma) turned 1 in January. My husband and I have been married almost 5 years and have been extremely blessed with an amazing family. After becoming a mom I soon realized that my life had changed forever. I'm not talking about the fact that now I had someone that was totally dependant on me and that everything for the next 18 years would revolve around them. I'm talking about the part when you turn in your identity for the shared identity of women all over the world. No longer would I be L'Ray Klafka. I now and forever more would be MOM. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mother but I feel like somewhere in all the craziness I have lost a piece (let's be real, a HUGE chunk) of myself. So as my first attempt to regain some of those lost pieces I am doing something I said I would never do...starting a blog.

If you have ever read anything my husband has written you know that he is an incredible writer. I would just like to say in advance that I am the complete opposite of him, he is an incredible intellect who writes about extremely deep issues that plague his heart. My writing on the other hand will probably consist of things that are going on in my everyday life. You know, laundry, boogers, dirty diapers, lack of sleep, fighting children, diet, potty training, Sesame Street, the things that really matter in life :) Let the adventure begin!