Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leggo My Eggo

Being the awesome mom that I am, I decided to make pancakes for the kids this morning. I should have known from the beginning it was a bad idea. But being that Kye never eats ANYTHING, I thought surely he would love "cake" with syrup on it.
As I was beating the batter I called to Kye who was watching old Disney cartoons in the livingroom. "Kye, do you want pancakes for breakfast?" I asked. "Pancakes? Yeah, I want Pancakes!" Then he began dancing around the kitchen singing about pancakes. Haygen joined in, following Kye around dancing and yelling about pancakes (even though she has no idea what pancakes are).
Thinking I was the best mom in the world I began putting the batter on the griddle. All of a sudden I realized, my sweet children were no longer singing but screaming at the top of their lungs, "PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES!" and were infuriated that the pancakes were not ready yet. I tried to reassure them that the pancakes would be ready in a couple of minutes. Screaming became crying and crying became an all out temper tantrum meltdown. Now I'm sure most of you have dealt with temper tantrums, as have I, but never had I dealt with two simultaneous, full blown out, inconsolable tantrums like these (and if I have, I've blocked it out of my memory).
My first thought was to put Haygen in the highchair and Kye at the bar so they would calm down knowing it was almost time to eat. With Kye attached to my leg still screaming and crying I picked up Haygen and walked over to her highchair. Just as I was about to get her in the chair I realized that Kye was not only screaming and crying while attached to my leg, but he was now pulling so hard he was pulling down my pants. (This would be a good time to mention that as all of this was happening my dad and two of his college aged guys that work for him, were standing outside, right in front of the kitchen window that all of this was taking place!) So, as I reached for my pants my sweet daughter decided that she had not been putting up a good enough fight for these pancakes and began to kick and scream with all of her might. The hand that was reaching for my pants quickly went back up to save me from dropping Haygen on the floor. Then, everything went into S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N, it was like the last thread in the rope broke. All at once, Kye and my pants fell to the ground, causing him to bump his head on the floor, I in an attempt to catch my pants and Kye, did this bend/squat move causing Haygen to bang her head on the highchair before we fell to the ground as well. Laying on the floor with both kids screaming while frantically trying to pull my pants up it hit me, "THE PANCAKES!!". (Seriously, you can't even make this stuff up!) I'm sure I don't even have to tell you what color that pancake was. (BLACK!) I turned to my kids who were no longer crying but intrigued by the black smoking pancake. "MyMom, you burn it?" Kye asked. "Yes baby, Mommy burned it." He then rushed over hugged my leg and said "Aww, that's ok MyMom, you make nother one."
After making sure no one outside had seen what had just happened, I sat Kye at the bar and Haygen in the highchair and began pancakes take 2. In no time at all the pancakes were ready. I placed them in front of the kids and poured myself a much needed glass of tea. While putting the tea back in the refridgerator I thought to myself, I am such a good mom for getting through all of that and still getting my kids the pancakes they so desparately wanted. As I began to turn back to the kids I noticed Haygen's plate was still sitting in front of her untouched. I looked up and saw Haygen, fast asleep in her highchair! I then looked over to Kye who pushed his plate away, started crying and said, " I DON'T WANT PANCAKES MYMOM, I WANT TEA!!!"

Needless to say, I have learned a very valuable lesson from all this...
from here on out, it's EGGO TOASTER WAFFLES!!!!!!


  1. OMG that is great!!! Very funny stuff...that even if you tried you could not have made it up!!

    Donna Lowry

  2. I am rolling on the floor!!!!!! So honkin' funny and I can totally hear your tone of voice saying mixed with your giggle! LOL!!!!! Also, love the "MyMom" bit! ; )

  3. We're laughing so hard!!!
    Love the blog... we don't have cable so this has been the best free entertainment since then!
    keep it up, we're following
    (who needs community living?... for now, we've got this!)

  4. Hey Girl - just found your Blog YEAH!!!!

  5. The joys of being a this stuff!!!

  6. L'ray...I laughed out loud reading this...unfortunately I was in class.

  7. This made me smile...the life of a mom! Thanks for making me laugh and for your willingness to laugh at the craziness of parenthood!!

  8. This is such a precious story! Thanks for sharing.